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Sales & Marketing Director

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Sales & Marketing Director

(Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, Chief Sales Officer, CSO)

Let’s look at sales and marketing together as they are closely related. Some Young Enterprise companies have separate sales and marketing directors, some combine the role – it is up to you.

First, the difference between sales and marketing. Marketing is about making people aware of your product and company and generating demand for it – in other words, selling it to large numbers of people. Sales is targeting individual people or companies and persuading them they need your product.

In a Young Enterprise company, the role of the Marketing Director typically includes market research, branding (logos, colour schemes, packaging), public relations and advertising. Sales Director responsibilities include working out how, when and where you will make sales, setting prices, creating brochures and point-of-sale information, and selling directly to your customers.

This is the role for you if you are confident, good at talking to people, persuasive and creative.

This is not the role for you if you are a bit shy, or don’t like approaching strangers.

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