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Operations Director

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Operations Director

(Chief Operating Officer, COO, President)

This is an under-valued and lesser known role in many companies, but for Young Enterprise companies I think it is the most important. To use the current buzzword, the Operations Director is responsible for “order to cash” – in other words, processing sales orders, producing your product or service, and collecting the money from the customer. If you think about it that is a large proportion of any business!

Typical things the operations director has to sort out are product design, how and when to manufacture your product, finding the right materials and suppliers at the right price, quality control, costing, stock control and forecasting and all the little jobs that need doing to tie everything together.

This is the role for you if you are practical, good at multi-tasking and dealing with lots of things at once and like sorting out problems large and small.

This is not the role for you if get stressed easily.

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