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IT Director

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IT Director

(Chief Information Officer, CIO)

A relatively modern boardroom role, the IT director is responsible for the use of technology to plan, change and run the company operations. Some companies use IT to streamline their business and reduce costs, others to invent new services and ways of reaching customers to increase revenue (make more sales). In your Young Enterprise company it is the IT directors role to come up with ways to assist the other directors in doing their jobs and helping them apply and use technology.

Typical activities may include setting up a web site, Facebook and Twitter accounts, setting up a customer database and creating spreadsheets and macros.

One mistake that many Young Enterprise companies fall into is assuming that the IT director should be the only user of IT – so the IT director is expected to produce posters, type up meeting minutes and send emails. This should not be the case – the IT director should provide the technology, but it should be used by the appropriate function (e.g. sales, marketing, operations etc). If you are an IT Director in a Young Enterprise company, don’t fall into that trap.

This is the role for you if you like computers and technology (obviously!) and can explain it well to others, are creative and logical.

This is not the role for you if you struggle to send an email!

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